HK-80B Fixed Frame

HK80B Fixed Frame Screens are perfect for cinemas or any places where you need to fix the screen. It is enclosed in an
attractive velvet wrapped lightweight aluminum alloy frame.
We offer various types of screen surfaces to suit your viewing environment.

Installation is easy – With its easy and adjustable fabric spring system, our Fixed Frame Screen is perfectly and permanently
tensioned, ensuring that the screen is as flat and level as the mirror. Special designed slim bracket for an easy click on
installation, also available as an in-wall display. Therefore, the users are able to set up in seconds.


Delicate Frame

The frame surface is coating with top velvet.


Frame Smooth as mirror

Using spring tension mechanicsm the screen face smooth as mirror, no distortion


Adapted Various Fabric

Include various flexible screen, acoustic screen, metallic screen, etc

Velvet color is optional

Various color of Velvet can be choose


Stronger Aluminum Alloy Frame

Frame surface is coating with top velvet


Accurate 45 Corner-Splicing

Easy installation, no cracks combination


Fully equipped sccessories

Accessories needed during installation are available


Strong Packing

Guarantee safety of goods during transport.

Application Case